"Bioengineering Single Crystal Growth"

  "MRI Development of a Cryogenic Sample-Preparation Instrument (NU CryoCluster)"

"EAGER: Towards Atomic-Scale
Imaging of Hybrid Nanomaterials"


"The Response of Primary Mesenchyme Cells to VEGF"

  "ISEN-Booster: Towards Sustainable Cements - Understanding Hydraulic Passivation of C3S"   "Imaging nanoparticles in cells and solid tumors with high throughput and resolution."

Biotechnology Cluster
Karen Derocher, Robert Free


American Chemical Society
"Atom Probe Tomography of Kerogen and the Kerogen-Mineral Interface"
ACS PRF 53615-ND10

  "Nanoscale structure and phase composition
of sound and carious enamel."
NIH NIDCR R03 DE025303-01



National Institute of General Medical Sciences of the National Institutes of Health under Award Number T32GM105538.


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