Postdoctoral Fellows:
Currently, we can only accept postdocs who bring at least one year of their own funding.

Graduate Projects:
We are looking for graduate students for all projects in the Fall 2015. If you are an accepted incoming graduate student interested in the group, please reach out to any active member via our emails, found here. If you are interested in applying to a Northwestern degree program, please familiarize yourself with the application process here before contacting Derk Joester.

Undergraduate Projects:
1) Late every Fall Quarter, we are looking for work-study students to help with experiments in the Winter & Spring Quarters. Any science or engineering major is welcome. Please contact a member of the group expressing your area of interest.

2) We are delighted to partner with the Chicago Botanic Garden for outreach to a broad audience in Chicagoland. In collaboration with Dr. Jennifer Schwarz and Dr. Patrick Herendeen at the CBG, we have started to develop a "Murder Mystery" activity. In this activity, we plan to present participants with evidence from a "crime scene" that includes phytoliths, i.e. microscopic mineral deposits that can be amorphous silica, ACC, or crystalline calcium oxalate. Participants will discover that phytoliths have characteristic shapes, solubility, and materials properties. These will be a critical clue as to the identity of the "perpetrators". The learning outcomes draw on both materials and plant science, involve several characterization techniques, and will be adapted for participants of different ages. Central objective of the activity is for participants to get hands-on experience with evidence-based scientific inquiry: breaking a problem into smaller units, formulating a hypothesis, and designing an experiment to prove/disprove the hypothesis. Furthermore, we want to empower participants: science is a state of mind, and can be done with very simple tools that can be improvised or bought in a grocery store (e.g. vinegar to dissolve calcium carbonate). We are currently looking for interns and/or undergraduates with an interest (and ideally a bit of experience) in experimental chemistry and biology to further develop this activity. Please contact Derk Joester for further information.

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